Datalogger Example

The graph shown above represents a 24-hour period during which the Datalogger was

  1. Was launched at the office and placed for awhile on top of the terminal
  2. Taken on a drive home with the probe outside the window
  3. Dropped in a snowbank
  4. Put in a sunny west window in the late afternoon
  5. Moved to a position right in front of the fireplace during dinner
  6. Returned to the kitchen for awhile
  7. Immersed in a nice bubble bath
  8. Put outside for the night
  9. Immersed in a morning cup of coffee while newspaper was read
  10. Back in the car window on the drive to work
  11. Returned to its position on top of the monitor
  12. Outside for a picnic lunch
Can you identify these activities on the graph?