Parent Letter Dear Parent

Our mathematics class is doing a new unit called SkyMath. Students will be learning about how to read temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit, how to record temperature data and represent it in graphs and maps, and how to compare temperatures in different places or at different times.

One of the valuable features of the SkyMath unit is that students will be analyzing temperature data that they collect, as well as temperature data reported by the news media and other sources. Students tend to be more interested in schoolwork when they are able to work with numbers that have real meaning for them. We will be collecting temperature data in our classroom in the coming weeks, and also we hope to bring in temperature data from home.

Please encourage your child to record the temperature outside your home each day at the same time and bring that data to school. We want to compare temperatures in our community and see if we can find any patterns in the data.


PS. If you do not have an outside thermometer, I will be happy to send one home with your child.