Rodent Romp Through McGuffey Hall

Robert J. Kansky

Euclid, the pet white rat of a science educator at Miami University, recently sneaked out of his cage in McGuffey Hall and took an unguided tour of the building. Euclid was wearing a StowAway temperature probe at the time he went awandering; temperatures were recorded at regular intervals during his tour. Later, a computer was used to convert those readings into two graphs.

Everything you need in order to respond to the following tasks is available on one or both of the two graphs. [Since information is displayed in degrees Celsius, you might want to recall the following "reference" readings: distilled water freezes at about 0C; the nationally recommended room temperature is about 20C; normal human (oral) body temperature is about 37C; distilled water boils at about 100C.]

Here are the two graphs that describe Euclid's tour. Graph 1 is a line graph that connects the readings taken by the StowAway. Graph 2 displays each individual reading as a dot but doesn't connect them.

With the aid of a Scoring Profile this exercise could be used for assessment.