What's the difference between weather & climate? | What's your climate like?

What's your climate like?

  “In Venezuela, where I live, it is warm all year long. It rains quite a bit, helping the plants grow to be very big.”  
"In Central Russia, where I live, the temperature is below freezing for more than a third of the days of the year and we see a lot of snow! “
“In Colorado, USA, where I live, it is very warm and dry in the summer and it can get very cold and snowy in the winter.”

The climate is different in different places on Earth!

So, if you live in a place where the weather is usually cold and snowy, then “cold and snowy” describes the climate. In many places, weather is very different during each season and describing the differences between seasons describes the climate of the place.

Climates are changing because our Earth is warming.

Read on to learn what affects Earth’s climate and how climate changes affect the Earth. Climate of a region can also change over shorter timescales, such as several years, because of climate events like El Nino.

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