blizzards and winter weather

When energy is transferred from one object to another we call the energy heat. When this heat can be felt and measured, scientists call it sensible heat. Sensible heat is an important source of energy for the development of a hurricane. Hurricanes form over warm oceans, where scientists can sense and measure the heat of the ocean surface.

Air Pressure

The purpose of this experiment is to "see" air pressure in action.

stuff you need

Baby food jar


Index card

Big plastic container

1. Fill the jar with water to the brim (so that it is just about to overflow).

2. Place the index card on top of the filled jar, and gently push down to make seal.

3. Hold the index card in place, and holding the jar over the big plastic container (just in case!), turn the jar over and gently let go of the card.

The room temperature water felt cold to the hand that had been in the hot water, and warm to the hand that had been in the cold water because of the way our skin senses or exchanges heat with the environment. The room temperature water clearly was the same "actual" temperature, yet each hand sensed a different temperature. Human sensitivity to temperature is very subjective.