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Stratospheric Ozone Activities


Stratospheric Ozone: A Balancing Act

6 to 9
  • Instructions and data collection: 45 minutes
  • Questions and discussion: 30 minutes


Whole Body Ozone Chemistry

6 to 9 (Note: care must be taken with the younger grades to make the atomic concepts simple and clear. You may wish to eliminate the more complex CFC reactions, for example.)

  • Allow a minimum of 30 minutes to run the students through each simulation and discuss the meaning of each.


Special Frisbees Detect Ultraviolet Radiation

Student Guide

5 to 9

  • Time for this activity is highly variable and dependent on the level of sunlight and type of test selected. This activity would serve well as a scientific inquiry project for even younger students. Allow students to work in teams, have them select an experiment to run on the Frisbees (plastic shields, sunscreen, etc.), decide how to do it, and carry it out. This will take at least two periods. Simpler demonstration activities will take correspondingly less time.