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Introduction to Ozone Activities


What Do You Know About Ozone?

6 to 9
  • First poster preparation and discussion: 30 minutes
  • Video/reading content exploration: variable
  • Poster modification: 20 minutes
  • Assessment/discussion: 20 minutes


Standing Wave Demonstration

6 to 9

  • Background discussion: 20 minutes
  • Drill demonstration: 20 minutes
  • Recommended for students to try out the wave generation with hand power: 20 minutes
  • Post-demonstration discussion: 15 minutes


Detecting Ultraviolet Light Using Tonic Water

5 to 9

  • Demonstration: 20 minutes
  • Discussion: 20-30 minutes
  • Extension: 20 minutes or longer if presented as an inquiry lab


Mixing Ratios or Parts per Million, Billion

Student Guide

6 to 9

  • Instructions and dilution activity: 30 minutes
  • Questions and discussion: 30 minutes