Resources for Elementary Science Education

From of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Boulder, Colorado

Kids' Crossing in the Classroom
Teaching Earth and Atmospheric Science with the Kids' Crossing Web Site: A Guide for Educators

This 20-page guide outlines strategies for combining online learning of science content from our Kids' Crossing Web site with hands-on, inquiry focused activities, building literacy and science skills!

Atmospheric Explorers
Our ever-popular handouts full of weather experiments for the classroom are now available to you in pdf format!

The GLOBE Program
An exciting, worldwide, hands-on education and science program

In a New Light: The Color of Weather and Climate (6.8 mb PDF)
This 72-page booklet (in PDF format) is the handout for the popular workshop presented at NSTA by UCAR Education and Outreach staff. The booklet provides extensive background information and directions for all hands-on activities presented during the workshop.

Living in the Greenhouse
This resource, created at NCAR/UCAR, allows students to learn about Earth's climate system and climate change in a whimsical, entirtaining way.

Science Now
Newsletter for science teachers published by UCAR and SIRS, Inc., an educational publisher

Web Weather for Kids
This website, created at UCAR, helps elementary and middle school students learn what makes weather wet and wild. Throughout the website are hands-on activities to try at home or in the classroom.

Water, Water Everywhere
Take your students on a tour of the water cycle. This section of the Kids Crossing website was created at NCAR/UCAR to help elementary and middle school students understandthe water cycle.

Windows to the Universe
A fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences