Welcome to the Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide!

This teacher's guide was produced by the National Center for Atmospheric Research as a companion to the Climate Discovery exhibit at our Boulder, Colorado laboratory. Each unit contains lessons appropriate for grades 5-9 on a variety of Earth system science topics that facilitate student learning about our planet's climate system.

The lessons in each unit can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader and may be reproduced for educational use.

Note: This project is in development. The Climate Future unit will be available in 2007.



The Sun-Earth Connection

The unit contains lessons and a presentation that allow students to explore the Sun through images and investigate how magnetism from the Sun interacts with the Earth's magnetic field during space weather events.

Investigating Climate Past: The Little Ice Age Case Study

In this unit, students explore how scientists study ancient climates. Students model the methods of scientists through inquiry activities and investigations of real data to learn more about changes in climate over the past millennium.

Investigating Climate Present: Cycles of the Earth System

Understanding how the Earth system works is the first step towards understanding how Earth's climate changes over time. This suite of lessons invites students to explore the dynamic cycles of the Earth system to better understand how our planet works.

Investigating Climate Future

Engage students in hands-on experiences to investigate some of the consequences of current global warming and help them understand how global climate models are used to predict the future of Earth's climate.

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Project Coordinator: Susan Foster
Scientists: Caspar Ammann, Gang Lu, and Joan Burkpile
Educational Designer, Author, and Editor: Lisa Gardiner
Educational Consultant and Co-author: Doug Haller
Teacher Evaluators: Barbara Monday and Stephanie Weber

Funding for the Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide was provided by the NCAR Strategic Initiative, the NCAR Opportunity Fund, a NASA Education/Public Outreach grant to Dr. Lu, and Friends of UCAR

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