Welcome Educators! This teacher's guide was produced by the National Center for Atmospheric Research as a companion to the Climate Discovery exhibit at our Boulder, Colorado laboratory. It contains lessons appropriate for grades 5-9 on a variety of Earth system science topics that facilitate student learning about our planet's climate system.

Investigating Climate Present:
Cycles of the Earth System

In this unit, students explore the cycles of our ever-changing planet. Hands-on activities, data collection, and a cycling game allow students to learn more about the environmental cycles that influence Earth's climate.

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1 Carbon Cycle: Carbon Dioxide Sources and Sinks

2 Nitrogen Cycle: Traveling Nitrogen

3 Ocean and Atmosphere: Make Convection Currents

4 Energy Cycle: Albedo

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Climate Discovery Teacher's Guide

For more information:

  • Project Coordinator: Susan Foster
  • Educational Designer: Lisa Gardiner

Funding for this project was provided by Friends of UCAR.