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Atmospheric Science Literacy Framework Workshop
(formerly Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Literacy)
November 27 – 29, 2007
UCAR Center Green Conference Center

Funded by NSF and NOAA
Co-sponsored by NAGT, NESTA, AGU, AMS,
Hosted by UCAR and CIRES

Updated 10/5/08—We are pleased to announce that the completed framework document is now available. Please follow this link to download the brochure (6 MB PDF).

The objective of the Workshop was to develop a consensus framework for enhancing our nation’s atmospheric science and climate literacy. The 2.5 day workshop was held at UCAR’s Center Green campus from November 27 – 29, 2007. This framework produced during the workshop was informed by the participation of about 60 participants, including diverse teachers, scientists, informal educators, and policy makers. UCAR’s multimedia services enabled the workshop to to offer a live and archived webcasts of the plenary presentations and discussions, as well as a simultaneous video conference of the workshop with other sites around the nation.

The workshop built on the work of numerous organizations and subgroups that have sought to define standards and benchmarks for science education in general and, more specifically, to identify key concepts and linkages among weather, climate, and ocean literacy. A consensus framework was drafted during the workshop and will be revised based upon further review and feedback from participants in meetings of the nation’s leading geoscience and science education societies. As a result of broad community involvement, the framework will establish a foundation on which decision makers may more effectively shape the nation’s priorities and strategies for science education. A report, including the final draft of the framework, will be submitted to the NSF by July 31, 2008.