Atmospheric Science Literacy
Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts of Atmospheric Science

People who are literate in atmospheric science understand the "big ideas" of the relevant scientific knowledge. Armed with this understanding, they will have the basis to communicate about the Earth's atmosphere in a meaningful way, and be equipped to make informed and responsible decisions about activities that impact the Earth's atmosphere. This framework for Atmospheric Science Literacy provides guidance to educators and the public on these big ideas. We have chosen to structure the framework with Essential Principles (EPs) at the highest level, on which more detailed information depends. Subordinate and more specific Fundamental Concepts (FCs) offer foundational knowledge which is needed to fully understand the Essential Principles.

The Atmospheric Science Literacy Framework is a component of a larger effort to develop a comprehensive literacy framework for the entire Earth System. Several other related frameworks have already been completed, including frameworks for Climate Literacy, Earth Science Literacy, Ocean Literacy and Energy Literacy. We expect that this and the other frameworks mentioned above will be incorporated into a larger Earth System literacy framework in future work.

Atmospheric Science Literacy Brochure (4.36 MB pdf)
Climate Literacy Brochure (2.92 MB pdf)
Earth Science Literacy Brochure (18.6 MB pdf)
Ocean Literacy Brochure (3.85 MB pdf)